Apollo Billing is a professional, third-party billing company specializing in Behavioral Healthcare.  


Apollo Billing aims to obtain the fullest allowable reimbursement at the rate at which our client is legally contracted for services provided.  

We facilitate our clients receiving faster payments and optimize the turnaround time for reimbursements by maintaining timely billing and consistent insurance follow-ups.


Apollo Billing's Leadership Team is committed to excellence and is driven to succeed by the following core values:








Ethical Value


Testimonials from Satisfied Customers:


" Apollo Billing has turned our finances around and we are now able to focus on treating the clients we serve.  I still cannot believe that we spent so much time trying to inhouse bill. It was such a relief to no longer have to spend hours on the phone with the insurance companies! Apollo Billing's staff is very friendly and always makes time to answer the questions that I have." 

"As an owner of several substance dependency treatment centers throughout the last decade, I have worked closely with several billing companies. I have experienced numerous occasions in the past where I have had to bother and stay on top of billing companies to complete time-sensitive tasks such as obtaining verifications of benefits or submissions of outstanding claims. Since we began using Apollo Billing in the last year, I have been shocked to see consistent claims that were billed immediately and verifications being returned very quickly. Additionally, the staff at Apollo Billing have gone above and beyond to ensure that the appropriate staff members at my treatment center are quickly provided with answers for any questions or needs that we have had."

" Switching to Apollo Billing has been the best decision we have made thus far in our business history!"

"Their team is friendly and knowledgeable."

"Our Aging Report is amazing!  We received our first insurance reimbursement in 3 weeks!"


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