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Our Expertise

Verification of Benefits
Utilization Review
Billing and Claims

It is essential to confirm how a patient will pay for the services you provide.  We verify the submitted client information and provide you with a summary of the benefit information.  We take pride in providing you the most accurate information possible so a payment agreement can be determined between you and the client before the treatment process begins.  

The Utilization Review process is vital to acquire payment for services from most insurance companies. Our Utilization Review Department submits the pre-authorization request on your behalf and tracks the amount of authorized days for you. Concurrent reviews are then scheduled to be performed and completed by our Utilization Review Team and you are updated promptly.  

Apollo Billing only employs staff who have exceptional skills in attention to detail.  Our billers take pride in their accurate submissions of claims in a time sensitive manner and follow the claim to ensure your practice receives reimbursement for the work you have performed.  Our Claim Status Audit Team is diligent with the follow up of all submitted claims.

Claim Status Audits
Rate Negotiation

This continuous audit was created to provide you with any incoming payment information, pending payment information, as well as denial of claim information.  Our team is able to find claims that have been denied much sooner and allows us to submit any additional information the insurance company may be requesting, promptly.  As a provider, you will have knowledge about your claims well beyond just the information on your A/R Report.  An A/R Report tells you what claims are outstanding.  Apollo Billing's Claim Status Report explains what is happening with your claims and the steps being taken to get them paid.

Our trained staff strives to obtain the fullest allowable financial reimbursement at the rate at which you are legally contracted for services provided.  Inevitably there are times when the insurance companies will deny claims and deny authorization.  Allow Apollo Billing to submit the appropriate paperwork and documentation to advocate for your patients so you can focus on quality care.  At your request, we will pursue an appeal for denials of pre-authorization, denials of payment, as well as low reimbursement rates.

The allowable reimbursement rates vary among insurance companies.  We aim to obtain the highest reimbursable rate for single-case agreements as well as negotiated appeals on low paid reimbursements.  If you are dissatisfied with a reimbursement rate from an insurance company, allow us to utilize our resources to negotiate a higher reimbursement rate for you.

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